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  Welcome to the new AppRefactory website! Recent additions include updated product offerings and new projects completed on a part-time basis. Also note our new casual service offering via more »

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elcome to The AppRefactory Inc. website! Information about the company and its services are available from the selection menu above and highlights with specific information of particular interest is available by clicking any of the sliding images, left. Feel free to pose any questions to or by selecting the desired company contact in "About Us..." Also elow are a selection of articles from the blog of the Senior Consultant (entitled "The Ross Report") with several articles related to topics under the technology heading.

The Ross Report - Computers and Internet

We’re Baaaaaack……
I'll resume in the weeks ahead posting here on articles of interest mostly to me, but perhaps to some of you out there as well. ;)

WE'VE MOVED!!! That's right; as of today (October 2, 2014), The Ross Report is relocating to its new home at a new hosting provider.

Why cloud computing is still a hard sell, but doesn’t have to be (Re-Blogged)
Originally posted on Gigaom:
The definitions of cloud computing have shifted a lot in the past several years, but a few things never change. Whether it’s located in an Amazon data center or a company’s own, whether it’s virtual servers or an entire platform for deploying applications, the cloud is supposed to serve many users,…

AR CamFeeder 1.0.1 (beta) Released to UI Testing
C amFeeder, reflecting my latest work, has been deployed to the AppRefactory website.  It’s not in an ideal state just yet, but does offer the main UI to serve as the platform for future refinements of a tool that effectively replaces a much older utility that once existed for Yahoo’s application platform (which I forget […]

AR HelpOuts Launched!
T he AppRefactory Inc. launches its first service offering today with the debut of a partnership with Google Inc. through Google Helpouts.  This further enhances the company’s service offerings in the application maintenance and support space; but also extends its services to more generalized support of the tools and technologies it uses throughout its service […]

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isit us on and engage us for case-ticket assistance with your coding needs!


Twitter @apprefactory

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Consulting Services

Technology Consulting - Remote


ffered via remote means (through Skype,, or another two-way support service); a variety of contracted technology consulting services ranging from simple tutorial-style assistance with specific technical architectures, programming languages or COTS products are available via an advance engagement fee, with additional fees if/when terms of the arrangement are extended. Arrange to chat with us directly by Skype or Phone and create an appointment using the instructions provided below in the "Requests" section.

NOTE: If you are unable to reach us immediately for any reason, you may leave a voicemail message at our office number or email us directly at with the expectation of a reply within 24 hours.

Or you can enquire further online using the Skype button at the top of this page.

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