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elcome to The AppRefactory Inc. website! Information about the company and its services are available from the selection menu above and highlights with specific information of particular interest is available by clicking any of the sliding images, left. Feel free to pose any questions to or by selecting the desired company contact in "About Us..." Also below are a selection of articles from the blog of the Senior Consultant (entitled "The Ross Report") with several articles related to topics under the technology heading.

The Ross Report - Computers and Internet

Yelp E-Mails Rooking in Small Business!
A bit of research can be an eye-opener too, which is why I'm kind of kicking myself for not seeing these folks coming from a mile off:

Police Requests for New Internet Powers Could Cost You Big
Canada's CBC (a leading media and news organization in the country) promoted a story this past week concerning a very public request to the senior politicians for greater investigative powers. This was followed by a poll that showed a degree of support for the police requests - seemingly predicated on a desire to curb child pornography among other crimes. While civil libertarians and technology professionals raised the alarm on hearing this request, there was only limited consideration given to the cost of granting powers of this sort to police - tied largely to the cost of potentially onerous data warehousing by ISPs.

REPOSTED: How to install and configure Azure PowerShell
Good summary article here on credentials configuration for Windows PowerShell's Azure environment. (Azure Dev newbies should be acquainted with this stuff.)

Project “ARTeRMis” Site Published
Property Management Application (spedgewaterico1024currently code-named Project "ARTeRMis") moved a step closer to delivery of a much larger property management tool based on Microsoft SharePoint today with publication of one of the trial components: "Edgewater". This component is simply an amalgamation of a number of different elements native to SharePoint, but hosted in the Office 365 environment and is setup to product test the suitability of them for inclusion in the TRM (Tenant Relationship Manager) application delivery going forward.

Facebook Move May Cause Greater Secrecy About Data (Ab)Use
Data use in violation of Facebook's licensing agreement for developers has prompted the company to intervene to halt distribution of an insurance industry app that would have used end-user data (shared by consent) to track social media behaviour and qualify some for discounts on insurance rates. Facebook claims it has a policy to prohibit such use — but the move raises questions around privacy and whether or not Facebook acted in its own interests; possibly masking a hidden intent to mentize similar apps later itself. Regardless, one consequence is likely: nothing stops an app developer from not disclosing the true intent behind acquiring user data nor even offering a misleading or untrue rationale for data capture. This could simply mean England's "Admiral Insurance" is last case of this kind we hear about.

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Consulting Services

Technology Consulting - Remote


ffered via remote means (through Skype,, or another two-way support service); a variety of contracted technology consulting services ranging from simple tutorial-style assistance with specific technical architectures, programming languages or COTS products are available via an advance engagement fee, with additional fees if/when terms of the arrangement are extended. Arrange to chat with us directly by Skype or Phone and create an appointment using the instructions provided below in the "Requests" section.

NOTE: If you are unable to reach us immediately for any reason, you may leave a voicemail message at our office number or email us directly at with the expectation of a reply within 24 hours.

Or you can enquire further online using the Skype button at the top of this page.

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