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The following elements are intended as a summary exhibiting some of the industry-standard practices we follow in our development activities:

Agile/Scrum Software Development Experience


ften, it is necessary to collaborate with other developers to achieve the project goals. We offer an abundance of experience working within groups using the latest software development methods (like Agile/Scrum) and can participate meaningfully in daily Scrum meetings, understand the build and deployment process, and can accept user-submitted feedback into the software or systems design process.

SDLC & Iterative Process


he experienced solution provider has to be be aware that no part of a technology solution is an orphan. Systems/Software Life Cycle awareness and experience are key to modern solution delivery. The AppRefactory Inc. brings a lengthy project legacy with just this kind of experience to the design and implementation exercises. (Visit the Project Successes & Highlights section for specific details).

Customer-Led Interactions for Small Projects


or smaller projects, we can also offer tools that help you participate as much as possible remotely in the requirements definition, design and build processes. We've created a customer-driven process (that can even work using Internet-based communication) using industry-standard approaches to design documentation deliverables at the beginning ensuring timely delivery on-budget and on-time. This part of the process can be done either remotely or in-person as part of a disciplined process either way.

Design and review exercises are done using the same technology solution that's compatible and facilitates your existing processes so there are no surprises when your solution goes live. Additional QA and testing helps prevent last-minute surprises when you go live.

Throughout the delivery exercise, you have control of the elements that concern you most: design and performance, handled by experienced professionals.

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