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Service/Product Description Unit Price Terms
Domain Name Web, Cloud or software service address on the Internet. Registrar Fees + $25 per service/address
Custom Programming Services All coding services, which includes integration services, testing, quality control, deployment services, project management, etc. Quoted Contract
Website Monetization Online advertising, sales, marketing and website listing services. Quoted Contract
Point-of-Sale Integration Financial services integration with software services, websites, conventional merchant point-of-sale systems, inventory systems and related administrative subsystems. Quoted Contract
Social Media Integration & Strategy Pairing of social media with business processes to leverage online service offerings and promotion to their fullest potential. Quoted Contract
Functional Requirements & Documentation Deliverables On projects of a sufficient estimated value, creation of functional requirements and detailed proposals can be offered free of charge. This document deliverable offers a look at the possible implementation strategies and makes specific recommendations for a variety of different technology projects. Service is also available on a contract basis. Free on approval / Quoted Contract
Architecture Definition & Other MSF Documentation Deliverables Production of specific deliverables as part of a meticulous analysis for projects of sufficient scale. Quoted Contract
Google Helpouts / Programming Support Resources are available in a supporting role either remotely or on-site. If either you yourself or your own team are having issues that require an expert troubleshooter to assist, we might be able to help you. (Service to be offered soon via Google Helpouts.) Remote: $20/hr. in 1 min. increments / On-site: $80 first hour, $40/hr. thereafter. Remote: 30 min. units / On-site: hourly


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Technology Consulting Service(s) - Remote

Fixed engagement time: $65.00 (per hour)

Offered via remote means (through Skype, Google Hangouts, or another two-way support service); a variety of contracted technology consulting services ranging from simple tutorial-style assistance with specific technical architectures, programming languages or COTS products are available via an advance engagement fee, with additional fees if/when terms of the arrangement are extended. For terms less than 1 hour, please chat with us directly by Skype or Phone and create an appointment using the instructions provided.

NOTE: If you are unable to reach us immediately for any reason, you may leave a voicemail message at our office number or email us directly using this contact form with the expectation of a reply within 24 hours.

Or you can inquire further online using the Skype button at the top of this page.

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